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After traveling thousands of miles in search of education and entrepreneurship, you view the United States as more than “a land of opportunity”. For you, it’s home. Whether you are naturalizing, adjusting status, or applying for an investment visa, it’s important to work with a lawyer who understands the complexities of immigration.

Immigration law is one of the fastest-evolving practice areas, and changes to federal legislation and regulations occur frequently. We stay atop these changes and apply them to your legal status, whether you are attempting entry to the United States, are interested in extending your stay and applying for a green card (LPR), or have decided to become a naturalized citizen.

At BB&C, our immigration lawyers often work with students from Purdue University, which has one of the biggest international student populations in the United States. Students who wish to remain in the United States typically seek family-based visas or investment visas. With an investment visa, you can become an “immigrant entrepreneur”; in exchange for starting a business, investing funds in the business, and hiring United States employees, you can become an LPR.

We also help those who face criminal charges. We formulate criminal solutions to avoid deportation or the revocation of your visa. Because the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services do not fully disclose all residency options to the public, it is imperative that you seek counsel. We’ll help you find the best and most efficient immigration option so you can concentrate on your future.

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