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Criminal Law

At BB&C, we fight for your rights. Our lawyers are ready to stand by you in all manners of cases, including drug offenses; driving offenses, including DUIs, reckless driving, and driving while suspended; offenses against other individuals, such as battery or domestic battery; and theft or other property-based offenses. If you are facing criminal charges, we evaluate your case and tirelessly advocate for your best interests.

As experienced trial lawyers, we analyze the State’s case and craft the best defense against the charges. If your rights were violated, there is the possibility that evidence against you could be suppressed. We strive to ensure that every avenue toward mitigating the consequences of your alleged offense is identified and pursued.

We also help alleviate complications caused by prior convictions or the loss of driving privileges. Because we are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights and reputations, we can help qualified clients obtain an expungement or specialized driving privileges. We guide you through the process of having a record sealed, and we advocate for driving privileges that help you get where you need to go if your license has been suspended.

Criminal charges and convictions can have additional adverse effects for university students and foreign nationals. Universities often place students accused of crimes in disciplinary proceedings with wide-ranging consequences, including expulsion. For students who are foreign nationals, the consequences could include a revocation of their visa and deportation. We have experience crafting outcomes to help avoid immigration consequences. We also represent students in university disciplinary proceedings and persona non grata appeals.

At BB&C we are steadfast, unfazed, and zealous on your behalf. We are dedicated to fighting for you and mitigating the consequences of criminal charges and convictions.

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