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Elder Law Elder Law

Elder Law

Elder law addresses the needs of older individuals and individuals with disabilities. Because their needs differ from those of younger clients, elder law emerged as a practice focus much like geriatrics and gerontology did in medical practice. Clients commonly include family members who are concerned about a parent’s long-term care and have questions like, “Dad is going into a nursing home, so mom is going to lose her house, isn’t she?” While it can be stressful to think about the issues that arise with advanced age, illness, and incapacity, our lawyers will work closely with you; we are passionate about maximizing the quality of your life while securing a comfortable future for any spouse who remains in the community and, if you wish, for younger generations.

At BB&C, we believe in compassion and confidence. We take pride in talking to you and helping you understand your options. We assist you with arranging assets; obtaining Veterans Affairs or Medicaid benefits; and establishing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare proxies. We’ll help you create financial plans to ensure that you can afford long-term care while still preserving as many assets as possible for your spouse or descendants. We also handle guardianships, surrogate decision-making, and estate conservation and administration. We watch for signs of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of older clients, and are devoted to meeting your goals efficiently, legally, and holistically.

At BB&C, our mission is to provide accurate information, unwavering support, and steady guidance. Our lawyers communicate with case workers, secure benefits straightforwardly, and assist with paperwork. We make the process as easy and clear as possible so you can embrace the future comfortably and contentedly.

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