New Partner: Kisti Good Risse

New Partner: Kisti Good Risse

In January, BB&C named Kisti Good Risse as a partner.

Through her dedicated work as a family law, general litigation, and personal injury law practitioner at BB&C, Kisti has proven to be an important asset to our team. Her ability to successfully lead clients through high asset divorce cases, custody disputes, contract negotiations, and will contests, while staying focused on communication and compassion, upholds the BB&C standard of putting clients’ needs first.

Kisti is a straightforward, confident, and compassionate attorney. She’s driven by a desire to assist families through difficult situations. During her extensive career, she has practiced family law and general litigation, and has represented clients in both bench trials and jury trials. She is a registered family law mediator and a former Tippecanoe County Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children.

What drives Kisti to be a top performer in her work? In short, a passion for service and a commitment to the community around her. She thrives in an environment where everyone genuinely cares about client outcomes and is willing to help in any way possible. She’s also grateful to work with an exceptional team of paralegals and staff. And finally, she balances work with family time and travel that allow her to recharge.

To contact Kisti, call (765) 637-9173. And if you’d like to learn more about family law, check out her blog posts.

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