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Parenting Time & Planning: Selecting the Summer Schedule

March brings the first buds of Spring that hint at the warmer weather to come, shifting our thoughts to organizing …

Legal Custody: What It Means and Why It Matters

Understanding custody types, children and how they affect parenting decisions

Going through a divorce is stressful no matter what, but it can be especially trying when the proceedings involve children. …

How Divorce Affects Retirement Benefits

Protecting, transferring, and dividing IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, pensions, and other benefits

Do I have to share my retirement benefits with my spouse if we divorce? Generally, yes. Parties routinely accumulate retirement …

8 Myths about Adoption

Debunking common misconceptions

For both birth parents and adoptive parents, the adoption process can be emotional and daunting. There is a bounty of …

Filing for Divorce
& Asset Protection

How to protect your assets and divide expenses
after filing for divorce

Filing for divorce isn’t an easy decision. You may have questions like, “Who is going to pay the mortgage?”, “What …

Parenting Time
During the Holidays

How the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines
allocate holiday vacation

“The most wonderful time of the year,” can be stressful if you’ve been through a divorce. You have to coordinate …

Five Important Factors to Consider Before Adoption

Imagine welcoming a child into your family, into your arms, and into your heart. When your family grows, the warmth …

The Rules of Relocating

What You Need to Do Before Moving Day

You found the perfect place. Sat for hours with your eyes glued to the computer screen researching cities and states …

The Other Side of Custody

What You Need to Know

Family law is one of the most emotional practice areas in the legal world, and many cases often address child …

The Truth About Prenupts

You buy car insurance after purchasing a new vehicle, just in case someone ever smashes into you on the road. …