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5 Myths Around Prenuptial Agreements

Part two of three in our prenup series

TV shows, movies, media reports, and even our culture’s obsession with celebrity breakups, have put prenuptial agreements, or prenups, in …

Divorce, Custody, and Family Law

Q&A with attorney Kisti Good Risse

Most legal challenges naturally cause stress, but when children and families are involved, tensions run even higher. Adoption, divorce, custody, …

Inheritances and Divorce

Protecting your family legacy

Leaving a financial legacy is a final act of love meant to endow family members now and into the future. …

7 Basics About Prenuptial Agreements

Part one of three in our prenup series

They certainly aren’t a sexy topic, but prenuptial agreements (also known as antenuptial agreements or prenups) are worth talking about. …

Post-Divorce Guide for Moms

Helping you through the tough stuff

Ending your marriage often means significant changes in many areas of your life, including finances and living arrangements. And with …

Premarital To-Dos

A Pre-Wedding Checklist

Weddings may conjure up romantic images of flowing dresses, flowers, and love everlasting. But the paperwork and legalities about marriage, …

7 Divorce Myths

Common misconceptions about the legal process in Indiana

If you’re a Hoosier facing divorce, you’re not alone. Indiana ranks among the highest in divorce rates in the U.S. …

Next Steps Checklist: Post-Divorce Estate Planning

Part three of three in our estate planning and divorce series

Your divorce has now been finalized, and you’re likely exhausted and ready to move on. Part of starting a new …

Filed and Pending: Pre-Divorce Estate Planning

Part two of three in our estate planning and divorce series

Now that your divorce has been filed, it may be tempting to take a breather and not think about all …

Protecting Your Assets: Pre-Divorce Estate Planning

Part one of three in our estate planning and divorce series

It is not easy if you’re entering into a divorce situation, and can often be an intense emotional rollercoaster. Your …