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Capital Gains Incentives: How You Can Invest

Part three of three in our Qualified Opportunity Zones series

Ben Franklin famously shared, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes.” Almost 250 …

Contracts for Business Startups

Knowing Contract Types and the Fine Print

Starting your own business can be an exciting opportunity to do what you love, be your own boss, and make …

Capital Gains Tax Incentives: How You Can Benefit

Part two of three in our Qualified Opportunity Zone series

Wrapping your head around taxes can give anyone a headache, especially when you’ve been hit with capital gains tax from …

Capital Gains Tax Incentives

Part one of three in our Qualified Opportunity Zone series

Nobody loves talking taxes, but everyone loves to reduce their taxes. Do you owe capital gains taxes and wonder if …

Do I Need a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Protecting Your Customers and Business

Small businesses aren’t small business in Indiana. Did you know there are over 500,000 small businesses in our state? And …

Non-Compete Agreements

5 critical components to consider

Whether you’re an employer or employee, chances are you’ve run across a non-compete agreement at some time or another. They’re …

Indiana Law Changes the Way Hoosiers Do Business

What Indiana Law Senate Enrolled Act 180 means for local businesses

At BB&C, we’re committed to keeping you up to date on the latest changes directly affecting your business. Recently, Governor …

Indiana Means Business: The Commercial Court Pilot Project

Learn how the Indiana Commercial Court Project impacts Hoosier businesses

As a businessperson, you understand the importance of staying competitive in the marketplace. Similarly, states like Indiana also work to …

IRS Regulations: Navigating the impact on family-owned businesses

How will newly proposed tax regulations affect your business?

New IRS regulations are being proposed this year that, if put into effect, will likely have a dramatic impact on …

CPA or Attorney: What Difference Does It Make? A Big One.

The roles of CPAs and attorneys, and why you need both 

Timid about your taxes? If you have both a CPA and an attorney, there’s no need to worry. CPAs and …