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Protecting Your Assets: Pre-Divorce Estate Planning

Part one of three in our estate planning and divorce series

It is not easy if you’re entering into a divorce situation, and can often be an intense emotional rollercoaster. Your …

Passing on the Family Business

How to create and implement a viable succession plan

If you’re a business owner, you have most likely thought about the future of your business. You might have even …

For Sale by Owner

What to know before you go "Fizbo"

Thinking of selling a home or other property on your own? If so, you need to know about FSBO (short …

Passing Down
the Family Business

Starting your own business is more than opening the doors to a building, selling goods or services, or making money. …

Fund Your Buy-Sell Agreement with Life Insurance

As a business owner, have you ever asked yourself the question, “If I die, would my partners want to be …

Tough Love: How to Secure Your Will From Unreliable Hands

Why You Need to Protect Your Kids From Your Assets

Anyone with children will tell you raising them comes with a unique set of challenges. Sometimes, no matter what you …