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Expungement & The Restoration of Gun Ownership Rights

How to regain your civil rights following an arrest or conviction

When you have an offense on your record, life can be challenging. It can be hard to find a job, …

Do I Have to See a Doctor?

What to do after an accident

You’ve been taken off guard by an accident, be it a car crash, a nasty fall, or any other unexpected …

Lien Law

Negotiating your best settlement

There’s been an accident. This is unfortunate in itself, but now you are getting contacted by all sorts of people, …

Who to sue?

Holding the right people responsible for your injury

In the aftermath of an injury or accident, you likely have a million questions flooding your mind. Beyond the healing …

Striking a Compromise

The benefits of mediation

Just because a lawsuit is filed doesn’t mean it’s on the fast track to trial. In fact, most cases are …

I’ve Been Injured in a Car Crash—Help!?

How BB&C helps you seek compensation when you have been injured

When you’ve been injured in a car crash, it can be a confusing time for you and your family members. …

Understanding Insurance in Personal Injury Car Crashes

Three of the most common kinds of insurance coverage

The moment a car crash happens, insurance isn’t usually the first thing on one’s mind. But concerns about medical bills, …

Personal Injury and the Problem of Liability

Comparative Fault in Indiana

Wouldn’t it be great if the answers to all of life’s disputes were glaringly obvious? Whether it was a disagreement …

The Disciplinary Process:
What to Expect

Understanding and navigating the Purdue University
disciplinary process

Criminal charges can lead to severe consequences, but if you are a college student, the charges can also affect your …


Protecting your immigration status when facing criminal charges

Life has its challenges, and a criminal conviction can add complications. Your family, job, and lifestyle can be seriously affected. …