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COVID-19 Stay at Home Order and Parenting Time

Co-Parenting During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

In the best of times, co-parenting can be difficult for divorced or unmarried parents. In general, both mom and dad …

Drug Abuse and Parenting Time

What to do if you suspect your ex is using drugs

Divorce is difficult for every family, especially when children are involved. You want your kids to be happy and healthy …

Divorce, Custody, and Family Law

Q&A with attorney Kisti Good Risse

Most legal challenges naturally cause stress, but when children and families are involved, tensions run even higher. Adoption, divorce, custody, …

Post-Divorce Guide for Moms

Helping you through the tough stuff

Ending your marriage often means significant changes in many areas of your life, including finances and living arrangements. And with …

Next Steps Checklist: Post-Divorce Estate Planning

Part three of three in our estate planning and divorce series

Your divorce has now been finalized, and you’re likely exhausted and ready to move on. Part of starting a new …

Filed and Pending: Pre-Divorce Estate Planning

Part two of three in our estate planning and divorce series

Now that your divorce has been filed, it may be tempting to take a breather and not think about all …

Legal Custody: What It Means and Why It Matters

Understanding custody types, children and how they affect parenting decisions

Going through a divorce is stressful no matter what, but it can be especially trying when the proceedings involve children. …

How Divorce Affects Retirement Benefits

Protecting, transferring, and dividing IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, pensions, and other benefits

Do I have to share my retirement benefits with my spouse if we divorce? Generally, yes. Parties routinely accumulate retirement …

Parenting Time
During the Holidays

How the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines
allocate holiday vacation

“The most wonderful time of the year,” can be stressful if you’ve been through a divorce. You have to coordinate …

The Other Side of Custody

What You Need to Know

Family law is one of the most emotional practice areas in the legal world, and many cases often address child …